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Committed to a "Green" World


 The Plant Detail is dedicated to sustainability and green business principles. We love our planet and have taken many steps to try to reduce our carbon footprint, which we outline for you below. We are also always looking for new ways to incorporate sustainable methods and will be adding them as we are able. In addition, we donate to three local organizations that promote sustainability - the Green Learning Center at the Cincinnati Civic Garden Center, The Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden, and Imago, a lower Price Hill preserving and maintaining 36 acres of urban forest. Feel free to ask us for more details. 

Pesticide Use

 The Plant Detail uses as few pesticides on our products as possible to reduce the chemical load on our environment. We also do our best to substitute organic alternatives whenever we are able. We believe that any and all steps taken in this area are very important, and will continue to "grow" our commitment. 

Carbon Footprint

 We also work on reducing our carbon footprint through our vehicle use and our use of heating and cooling in the buildings we use. We are converting our fleet to more energy conservative vehicles, as well as grouping our accounts so that vehicles travel the least amount of distance between them. We also restrict heating and cooling to office areas when possible so we aren't heating the warehouse when it isn't in use for plants. 

Recycling and Updating

 Since the planting business typically uses a wide range of containers, we take care to recycle them whenever possible, or when applicable, we donate them to growers or others for reuse. We also give our old containers new life by painting them if we can! Besides traditional recycling, we also are mindful of things such as lighting, and are working to update our holiday lights to LEDs whenever customers permit us to do so. 

You Need Plants

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